Pushing past our privilege

I once was a deeply religious person. I was a devout member of the Mormon (or Latter-day Saint) faith tradition, and I spent a lot of time reading the Bible and other books of scripture unique to Mormonism. I developed a deep love for the Jesus Christ of the gospels…

Sexual Predators?

Given that I have a blog and podcast titled Feminist Masculinity, you might guess that I watch a fair number of videos regarding feminism, masculinity, and adjacent topics. That is why the YouTube algorithm, through its wise and not at all destructive recommendations, showed me a number of videos making…

A reflection on merciful accountability.

John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, is a creep and belongs in prison according to a tweet a saw recently. The evidence presented being the way that he, a grown man, described and wrote about teenage girls in his books. I have read, and enjoyed, several of…

A look at erotic content through a critical lens


What a word, right? There is intense stigma and debate around it at the moment, with some anti-porn proponents calling it “the new drug” and saying that it is as addictive as cocaine or heroin and will destroy the life of anyone who watches it, while others see it as…

Alan Parley Buys

Feminist, Ecosocialist, Social Worker. Creator of feministmasculinity.com

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