A Call to Divest From Transactional Thinking

A crumbly bunch of chocolate chip cookies on a white background
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Joe Rogan’s comments reveal a values disconnect

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Pushing past our privilege

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Experiencing all there is to offer

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Sexual Predators?

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A reflection on merciful accountability.

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A look at erotic content through a critical lens

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What a word, right? There is intense stigma and debate around it at the moment, with some anti-porn proponents calling it “the new drug” and saying that it is as addictive as cocaine or heroin and will destroy the life of anyone who watches it, while others see it as a harmless pastime and use the age-old “everyone’s doing it *insert shrug emoji*” argument.

How policing masculinity helps no one.

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Feeling Superior

Picture, if you will, an encounter with the resident coffee snob in your life as you are coming out of your local coffee shop, brew in hand.

Alan Parley Buys

Feminist, Ecosocialist, Social Worker. Creator of feministmasculinity.com

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